A premium wooden kitchenware and tableware designs from PL wood factory are made from acacia wood and rubber wood, which we source from plantations after the trees have the end of resin and latex production cycles. In our manufacturing process we monitor carefully to ensure the quality of wood, cut, formed, sanded to the perfect shape to a various of items. 

Acacia wood is a beautiful wood, in Thailand called “rain tree” it is growing fast and can regrown after harvested time about 25-30 years. The acacia wood has beautiful brown and gold tones color especially the attractive natural grain are unique and durable. Acacia is a sustainable wood so its perfect for kitchen and dining products or home decorations and furniture.

Experiences over 20 years in wood manufacturing, we have a professional team perform work with positive and cooperative approach results in creative and innovative more than 300 designs with high quality. 

Need a quality wooden kitchenware and tableware products
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P.L. Wood Factory Limited Partnership

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Email : contact@plwoodfactory.com

Address : 158 M.13 Pongyangkok, Hangchat, Lampang 52190.Thailand