Acacia wood bowl

Salad bowl serving size Diameter 10" ,Height 5"

Acacia wood slant bowl

The slant bowl size diameter on top 12" Height 6"

Acacia wood bowl

Small serving salad bowl, or serving fruits size diameter 9.5" Height 4"

Acacia wood bowl

This wood bowl design for foot spa, have 2 sizes Diameter 14" and 16". Water leaking proved.

Acacia wood nesting bowl 3 sizes

These 3 sizes nesting bowls, can be use on many purposes in your kitchen Small Dia 6" Medium Dia 8" Large Dia10"

Acacia wood bowl

The acacia wood bowl size Dia8" Height 4"

Acacia wood bowl

This slant bowl shape Dia12" Heiht 4", gorgeous on top of your coffee table, counter top for shining your kitchen.

A single piece of Acacia wood nesting bowl

The handcrafts acacia wood nesting bowls 3 sizes, the design show you the beautiful wood grain.

Acacia wood bowl

the small serving sauce bowl, the smallest one can use as a pinch bowl. Small size Dia 3" H1.5" large size Dia 4 H2"

Acacia wood bowl

the rice bowl is a handcrafted turning size dia 5" Height 2"

Acacia wood bowl

the wood salad bowl and the the small size set, Large dia 9.5" Small dia 4"

Acacia wood bowl

the nesting bowl 3 sizes small dia 6" H2" medium dia 8" H3" Large dia 10" H4"

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